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SuperSlyde Story

SuperSlyde has been in development for over 18 months in order to bring you the best personal silicone lube on the market. Why? How? Find out here.


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Welcome to SuperSlyde, crafted by founders Abra Lee and Dr. Stuart Koe to revolutionize the lubricant landscape. Born in Singapore in 2010, our 18-month research culminated in SuperSlyde, adhering to the highest standards set by the USA FDA. Over a decade, we've expanded globally, winning awards, becoming the #1 Premium Silicone Lubricant in Singapore, and gracing over 400 stores worldwide. Recognized by publications like GQ and Cosmopolitan, we received nominations for prestigious industry awards, showing our commitment to quality. Beyond products, we actively support HIV prevention programs, exemplifying our dedication to community. SuperSlyde isn't just a lubricant; it's a trusted companion enhancing pleasure and intimacy. Join us on this exciting journey, celebrated globally for excellence and commitment.

SuperSlyde Eros Shine Award

"Best Lotion And Potion"
The Eros Shine Awards 2013

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"The best new silicone personal lubricant we’ve tried this year"

Ignite Your Sexual Chemistry

Experience elevated intimacy with SuperSlyde's superior off-the-shelf lubrication. Shift from "so-so" to "Over the Top" pleasure effortlessly for ultimate satisfaction.


Premium silicone lubricant with unbeatable slickness and long-lasting performance. Made in Singapore under certified GMP for quality and affordability.

Proof, Not Promises

SuperSlyde dominates in a double-blind survey, scoring highest in slickness, sensation, and overall preference. With 9 in 10 participants choosing it, SuperSlyde is the undisputed choice for an Over The Top experience


Lube Safety

2010-2011 studies raised concerns about water-based lubes, correlating them with a threefold increase in anal STIs risk, while silicone lubes showed no such risks or tissue damage. Hyperosmolar water-based lubes were found to strip away protective cells, heightening risks.

Anal or Vaginal - Silicone Is The Lube Of Choice

Silicone lube is crucial for comfortable and safe anal sex, reducing friction and preventing tears. In vaginal use, it outperforms water-based options by inhibiting bacterial growth, maintaining pH levels, and offering long-lasting, smooth lubrication.

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We offer global shipping from Singapore within 2 working days, with free unregistered worldwide shipping. Additional registered options are available for SGD$3, providing traceability, and discreet packaging is ensured for all orders.

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